Wie is ons?

Scribo Novus is a small and independent (self-publisher) based in South Africa.

Scribo Novus was founded in 2016 by Mrs. Louise Jones (a home school mom).  Mrs. Jones eldest daughter (aged 4½ at that time) wanted to learn how to read an write.  Being a d.i.y (do it yourself) mom she designed three exercises about the letter “a” by hand.  The first is a big and bulky letter “a” with a picture of an apple to colour in.  The second is a pattern exercise and repetitive “a” exercise followed by the third being fun ‘letter identification’ activities.  These were all done in Afrikaans.

The letter “m” exercise followed, by doing this her daughter could already read the word “mamma”of off a flashcard.  This fashion of word/letter recognition was repeated and modified to form the skeleton of what would later become a published work.

All the exercises were redrafted by hand and then digitized to a pdf format, printed and bound to be titled “Kyk mamma, ek leer lees en skryf”.  The book was translated into English “Look mommy, I can read and write”.

The process of self-publishing founded Scribo Novus.  A publishing service to mothers and teachers who have designed or written educational material for children.  Thus Scribo Novus was formed.

What we do

We specialize in educational material for children.  Our aim is to broaden the scope of Christian Classical education in South Africa.

We publish in both Afrikaans and English.

All our material is for sale to the general public, retailers and schools.  Our published work can be viewed at our web shop.  Schools can contact us for information regarding special orders.

We also aim to assist mothers and teachers in South Africa who want to self publish their work.  We do this by giving them advice, editorial expertise and advertising their work in our online shop.

If you need advice, want to publish or sell your educational book or material, feel free to contact us.

All material is tenured for review by classical education standards and all rights to the intellectual property remains with the author.

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